Here are some tips and tricks that will allow me to get better shots of your home

Outside your home:

Outside your home:

  • Put away or roll up garden hoses
  • Pick up toys, pet bowls, yard equipment or clutter
  • Manicure and tidy up the yard, bushes, plants, etc.
  • Make pools, spas and patio areas look inviting
  • Remove cars from your driveway / surrounding streets
  • Ask neighbors about removing their cars and trash bins

Inside Your Home:

  • Tuck away magazines, newspapers, toys, pet items, etc.
  • Add fresh flowers or plants, but keep it simple (optional)
  • Increase open space by removing extra items / furniture
  • Buyers love fireplaces, make yours look grand!

Kitchens | Baths | Master Bedrooms

  • Remove magnets and photos from the refrigerator
  • Clear countertops of clutter
  • Hide Trash Cans
  • Remove or neatly arrange towels
  • Close toilet seats
  • Remove all rugs.
  • Remove all soaps and shampoo from shower/bathtub
  • Make beds and de-clutter bedsides tables, etc.


We love pets, but it's better (for both of us) if they're put up in a safe place during the photo shoot.

Here Is the Key!

Walk around your house and ask yourself: Is everything I See what I want Buyers to see? Put yourself in the Prospective Buyers shoes, start at the front door and look at each area and room.

Just before we arrive

Well-lit and ready to impress! Open curtains, turn off ceiling fans and turn ON as many lights as possible.