Tips and Tricks

Let’s Get the Most Out of Your Photoshoot!

Here are some tips and tricks that will allow me to get better shots of your home!

Outside Your Home

  • Put away or roll up garden hoses
  • Pick up toys, pet bowls, yard equipment or clutter
  • Manicure and tidy up the yard, bushes, plants, etc.
  • Make pools, spas and patio areas look inviting
  • Remove cars from your driveway / surrounding streets
  • Ask neighbors about removing their cars and trash bins

Inside Your Home

  • Tuck away magazines, newspapers, toys, pet items, etc.
  • Add fresh flowers or plants, but keep it simple (optional)
  • Increase open space by removing extra items / furniture
  • Buyers love fireplaces, make yours look grand!

Kitchens | Baths | Master Bedrooms

  • Remove magnets and photos from the refrigerator
  • Clear countertops of clutter
  • Hide Trash Cans
  • Remove or neatly arrange towels
  • Close toilet seats
  • Remove all rugs.
  • Remove all soaps and shampoo from shower/bathtub
  • Make beds and de-clutter bedsides tables, etc.


We love pets, but it’s better (for both of us) if they’re put up in a safe place during the photo shoot.

Just Before We Arrive

Well-lit and ready to impress! Open curtains, turn off ceiling fans and turn ON as many lights as possible.

Here’s The Key

Walk around your house and ask yourself: Is everything I See what I want Buyers to see? Put yourself in the Prospective Buyers shoes, start at the front door and look at each area and room.

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